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Who Am I?

My name is Stéphane Lo Presti and I am the French Community Manager for Guild Wars. I am working at ArenaNet offices in Seattle as part of the Community Team, also comprising Martin Kerstein and Regina Buenaobra. I will be monitoring GW French fansites, and writing or editing French content for our various communication tools. You may also meet me in person at conventions or tournaments, which I will help organise and run.

I'm also monitoring the wiki-related requests of the wiki community and relaying them to the studio, and in particular to the technical team handling the wiki. My focus is on the technical requests which concern administrative elements of the wiki, as well as general availability and performance of the wiki. I am not taking care of game-related requests (which should be sent to either Support, the feedback portal or one of the fansites).

I have been playing Guild Wars for over 3.5 years, enjoying playing varied PvE and light PvP (and watching it). I started playing pong on an early 80's console and have since then played many games, not all on the PC, always looking for an interesting new challenge. I like playing mages, science-fiction and solving puzzles. I will probably be playing an Asura in GW2 ;). I love MMOs as they bring together players and provide new social experiences. I really look forward to interacting and working with the GW community!

I was trained in France as a Software Engineer (while enjoying some cool extracurricular activities such as tabletop RPGs or robotics) but decided to boldly engage in a PhD and an academic career in the following 10 years. I taught varied IT topics to a wide range of audiences, while spending my free time participating to and studying the birth of online communities as we now know them. I have looked closely (and from many angles) at MMOs and social networking as they are probably the most interesting social tools out there!

Ttys, à bientôt ^_^